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[Declined] My Application Empty [Declined] My Application

Post  mdaddy14100 on Sun Jul 17, 2011 8:39 am

Hello let me introduce myself my name is Michael Weiler i am 12 years old and i was brought to this server because i own a account and i saw your server while i was scrolling up and down the "server" category. I chose this server over others because i logged onto the server and i noticed not one block was out of place also the server ran very smooth. Furthermore the owner greeted me as a guest not some lowlife like some other servers. I have played on many many servers but here is one (its a freebuild) . I would love to join this server because i would like to see more of what this server is like I've only scratched the surface. If i see a sign with instructions i read it.

About me: As you know i am 12 years old and i have been playing Minecraft from the early alpha stages. I make skins and post them on and apparently my work is pretty good from all the positive feedback i get. i love adventuring in minecraft and my weapon of choice is a gold sword and a bow.

why you should trust me: Like i just told you i have been playing Minecraft from early alpha so i know what I'm doing. Plus i am a big no grief person i have logged out of servers and logged back in the next day with no floor under my feet and my cooked pork vanished along with a chest. I am very trustworthy and i do not go back on promises Very Happy . I would do something you ask and not even hesitate. I am also very mature but can be humorous when necessary. This has been my application to join your server.

~ Sincerely

mdaddy14100 aka Michael Weiler


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[Declined] My Application Empty Re: [Declined] My Application

Post  glata on Sun Jul 17, 2011 8:40 am

Declined because you did not follow the application format. Edit this page.

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