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[Trusted] SLOAAKZ Trusted Player Application

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[Trusted] SLOAAKZ Trusted Player Application Empty [Trusted] SLOAAKZ Trusted Player Application

Post  SLOAAKZ on Sun Jul 17, 2011 1:26 pm

Minecraft Name:

Real Name:


What brought you here: & the owner

Why chose this server over others:
This is a server with friendly admins and other people with permissions

Previous Servers:(If you havn't played on any other servers leave this blank)
Wildcraft, and some others but I don't know the names

Why Do You Want To Join:
I wanna join because I want to make a big city for the new people in the server so they can build their own houses,
I want to help you guys with the server and stuff

If you seen a sign with instructions what do you do:
I always read it and follow the rules

About You:
I'm a crafter with much experience , I'm friendly.. I don't rage and I always help people if they need my help

Human Test: How do you create a 'Redstone Power Track'
With 6 gold, 1 stick and 1 redstone

What do you think of the moderators?
I don't know them yet, but I will meat them Smile

Write a paragragh about why we should make your trusted:
So I can help you guys running the server and help the new people and build a big city , being friendly and make alot of fun Very Happy


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[Trusted] SLOAAKZ Trusted Player Application Empty Re: [Trusted] SLOAAKZ Trusted Player Application

Post  glata on Sun Jul 17, 2011 1:28 pm

Well done, accepted. Welcome to the server.

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