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Post  mothy101 on Sat Jul 23, 2011 5:22 pm

Minecraft Name:

Real Name:
Tim Craig


What brought you here:
The post on Minecraft

Why chose this server over others:
Because of the low ping to my part of Australia and The fantastic community.

Previous Servers:(If you haven't played on any other servers leave this blank)
Haven't played on any other servers

Why Do You Want To Join:
Because I would love to be able to join in the fun all of these fantastic people are having.

If you seen a sign with instructions what do you do:
Read them. and follow them to the best of my ability. If I don't understand I will simply walk away.

About You:
I am a 15 year old male who is currently at school. I play minecraft on the weekend between my study binges

Human Test: How do you create a 'Redstone Power Track'?
Grab my trusty stack of
Redstone and place one Redstone on the top of every block that I wish for my Redstone power to traverse.

What do you think of the moderators?
I think they are all fantastic (you would hope so wouldn't you? After all I am one Razz)

Write a paragraph about why we should make your trusted:
I fell I should be trusted because I have put in the effort to do a nice application. And I haven't been begging on the server for "build rights". I found my way to these forums because I can read and I know what to do when I see something that tells my how I can progress in some way, without being a pain for the moderators and Glata.


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