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Post  Ibraesil on Sun Jul 17, 2011 6:48 am

Minecraft Name:
My Minecraft name is Iybraesil.

Real Name:
My real name is Thor.

My current age (in years) is 12.

What brought you here:
I know J**** (glata) he told me the server IP. (I have obfuscated "glata"'s name in case they do not wish to have their real name known by others (this is probably not the case. It would be quite hypocritical if it were))

Why choose this server over others:
I have chosen this server over others because there are some not very nice people on other servers (I have yet to find out about not very nice people on this server. I am unsure as to what i would do if i found out that there were some not very nice people on this server.)

Previous Servers:(If you havn't played on any other servers leave this blank)
I have played on many previous servers (most of which i played on during a "server finding" period where me and friends would look up servers and test them out. I experienced high latency on many of these servers.) including (but not limited to):,, and (there is no fullstop at the end of the IP of the server, the fullstop was signifying the end of a sentence.)

Why Do You Want To Join:
I want to join this server because I want to find a server (that many people go on) that does not have not very nice people regularly going on it.

If you seen a sign with instructions what do you do:
If I see a sign with instructions on it, I read the instructions and do my best to follow them from that point of time onwards.

About You:
I like to sing, play (some) computer games (eg. Minecraft, League of Legends), I do not like beaches, nor do I like explaining about me.

Human Test: How do you create a 'Powered Minecart Track'
The following is the way to make a Powered minecart track (where the first item in the top row signifies the top left corner of a crafting bench etc. commas separate the squares of a crafting bench.):
Gold ingot , (nothing) , gold ingot
Gold ingot , stick , gold ingot
Gold ingot , redstone dust , gold ingot

This recipe creates 6 powered minecart tracks.

What do you think of the moderators?
I have yet to meet the moderators.

Write a paragragh about why we should make you trusted:
Have I not written enough about why I should be trusted?


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[Trusted] Ibraesil's app. Empty Re: [Trusted] Ibraesil's app.

Post  glata on Sun Jul 17, 2011 6:52 am

Congradulations, you have been accepted. you may now venture out and build.

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