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Post  chris on Sun Jul 17, 2011 10:00 am

Minecraft Name:My Minecraft Name is Tomtom2999.

Real Name: Christopher(yes i know my minecraft username is tomtom2999 but tom was the name of my best friend)

Age: My age is 16 turning 17.

What brought you here: Well at first i was looking through some servers and i found a server that had a like so i i tried it and i got here.

Why chose this server over others: Well there are many reason's why i choose this server over others but i will tell you the best answer i have.The reason why i choose this server over others is because this server is unique not just some ordinary server this server has proven to be the best of all time.

Previous Servers:

Why Do You Want To Join: The reason i want to join is because i play minecraft alot but no good server that have a good rating.

If you seen a sign with instructions what do you do:Well i take my time to read the sign and understand what its saying.

About You:Well im a huge fan (REALLY HUGE FAN)of glata i love playing minecraft and playing soccer football and basketball.

Human Test:Well creating a redstone power track is easy [G][ ][G]
G Stand for gold
S Stand for stick
R Stand for redstone

What do you think of the moderators? Well the moderators are pretty awesome people the moderators a super friendly and are always there for you.

Write a paragraph about why we should make your trusted: Making me trusted would make me happy and you happy also other players happy lets say you and moderator's where doing something and a minecraft player wanted something i would goto him/her and try my best to help.


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[Trusted] Tomtom2999's Trusted Player Application Empty Re: [Trusted] Tomtom2999's Trusted Player Application

Post  glata on Sun Jul 17, 2011 12:24 pm

Accepted, nice work you can now play ont the server.

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